How To Avoid A Maryland License Suspension

On January 1, 2011, Maryland enacated a new law with regard to “minor” traffic citations. If you were pulled over and received a traffic ticket in Maryland after this date, you have the following three options:

1. Pay the full amount of the preset fine;
2. Request a hearing regarding sentencing and disposition in lieu of a trial; or
3. Request a trial date at the date, time and place established by the District Court

Previously, you didn’t have to do anything and a trial date would automatically be mailed to you. I am finding that people are not aware of this law. If you do not do one of these three things within 30 days, the Maryland MVA will suspend your license.

It is my view that Option Number 3 is often the best option. If you’re not sure, please contact me. I’m an experienced Maryland traffic citation attorney. I handle traffic cases every week throughout the State of Maryland, including Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City.