How To Handle Your Own MVA Hearing

It is my NO BS belief that you should hire an experienced traffic lawyer if you’re going before the Maryland MVA for a hearing. There are many reasons why this is preferred, but that is not the subject of this posting. If you plan to represent yourself, here are four tips that will help you avoid a Maryland license suspension. (Note: This is a general list that may not apply to your situation).

1. Present A Letter of Employment: Judges don’t want to see people lose their job and if you have a compelling reason to drive, proof of employment will help a great deal. In fact, the traffic code itself mentions that this is a strong factor that the judge should use in making his/her decision.

2. Present A School Transcript: Same idea as above. If you can’t drive, you can’t get to school. If you can’t get to school, you can’t finish your degree. If you can’t finish your degree,….you get the idea.

3. Emphasize That There Is No Viable Public Transportation Option: Its a much more compelling argument if you not only work and/or attend school, but there is no viable or practical way of getting there without driving. Some people live 40 miles from the closest metro. Others can walk to where they work.

4. Emphasize How A License Suspension Would Negatively Impact Your Life and Your Family: Perhaps you’re the sole bread winner, your significant other doesn’t work, and if you lose your license, there goes your job. This is a very real situation for lots and lots of people.

There you have it. If you must represent yourself at a Maryland MVA hearing, I hope this helps. Otherwise, give me a call. I’m an experienced Maryland attorney who has sucessfully handled countless MVA hearings. Need some advice? I’m here for you.