I Have Been Arrested For a Maryland DUI, But I Am Under 21. Will I Go To Jail?

If you have been arrested for a Maryland DUI or DWI, and you are under the age of 21, jail time is not inevitable. The facts of the case, the judge, the prosecutor, your record, and the jurisdiction and county the case will be heard in, all play a role in determining your sentence (if you are convicted). If you are under 21, you are facing basically the same penalties as someone who is legally able to drink.

If you are convicted or receive a PBJ, however, you will likely be on probation and have to satisfy a number of hurdles or conditions while on probation. You probably knew that. There are some judges that are more strict with under-age drinkers and some that will treat you the same. It really depends.

Its best to consult with an experienced Maryland DUI/DWI attorney to get an opinion about your individual situation. If you’ve been charged, you should act quick as their are also administrative consequences that will have to be dealt with.

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