Don’t Sway, Don’t Hop, its the One Leg Stand

What is the One Leg Stand test?

This is another of the three Field Sobriety Tests police use to determine intoxication.  If you are pulled over for a Maryland DUI, the officer will likely conduct this test.  The officer will direct you to raise one leg in the air 6-12 inches straight at the knee with the toes pointing out, arms at your sides. He will instruct you to keep your balance and count out loud to thirty. Actually, you are most likely told to count 1000-and-1, 1000-and-2, etc…

 The police are looking for 4 cues to intoxication:

1. Arms used to balance

2. Swaying used to balance

3. Hopping used to balance

4. Foot rested too early

Like the Walk-and-Turn test, the One Leg Stand is a divided attention test. You are being measured not only on balance but on being able to split your focus between a mental task and a physical one.

For a look at how the test is performed, click here.

There are many ways to challenge this test in Maryland, but that’s the subject of a different article.

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