Maryland DUI and CDLs (Commercial Driver’s Licenses)

 Maryland Commercial vehicle drivers stand to lose the most in a  Maryland DUI arrest. While the rest of us may just drive to work, they drive for work. Big difference and a big problem in the result of a DUI. CDL drivers face stricter alcohol limits and harsher penalties. The legal limit for a CDL driver is .04% BAC. That is, if a CDL holder is submits to a BAC test of .04 or more, they are subject to the penalites below.

 What are the DUI penalties for CDL drivers in Maryland?

 1st offense DUI: 1 year CDL disqualification.

2nd and future DUI offenses: permanent loss of CDL.

 Penalties increase for drivers carrying hazardous materials:

1st DUI offense: 3 year CDL disqualification.

2nd and future DUI offenses: permanent loss.

 If a CDL holder is NOT driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the stop and refuses the breath test, they are subect to a one-year disqualification for the first offense and a lifetime disqualification for a second or subsequent offense.  A CDL holder with a lifetime disqualification, however, may be reinstated after 10 years of disqualification.

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