Do I Need A Lawyer For My Maryland MVA Hearing?

Whether you received a Maryland DUI or a facing a  Maryland license suspension, you will likely want to elect for an MVA hearing.  A common question I always get is “Can’t I just do the hearing myself?”  Sure, you can attend your MVA hearing without a Maryland attorney and everything may work out fine.  Here are some reasons, however, that may change your mind.

4 Reason s to Hire An Attorney For Your Maryland MVA Hearing

1.  Credibility: An ALJ (administrative law judge) conducts the MVA hearing.  If you took the time and effort to obtain a lawyer, it sends a message that you are taking the hearing very seriously, that your license is important to you, and that you mean business.  NOTE: conducting the hearing on your own does not mean you are not serious, but it often is perceived that way.

2. Legal Issues:  Some Maryland MVA hearings are very simple.  Some are very complicated.  In any given hearing there may be technical legal defenses that you are not aware of and that could make or break your case.  I’ve represented people in Maryland MVA hearings where the issues were very complicated and extensive research was required.  If you have a “good” legal issue, an experienced Maryland traffic lawyer may be able to get the MVA to take “no action” and get the matter dismissed. In other words, you don’t know, what you don’t know.

3.  Mitigation:  An experienced Maryland MVA lawyer will know what documents to present, what buttons to push, and generally what to say to get what you want.  Like everything in life, there is a certain art form in this.  There are certain things that Maryland MVA judges want to hear and see.

4.  Cost effective:  Most Maryland lawyers do not charge large fees for representing you in the hearing.  Therefore, the value they are providing (saving your Maryland driving privilegs) far outweights the cost.

There you have it.  Need help with Maryland MVA hearing?  Call me at 1-877-566-2408 or 301-563-9575.  I’m an experienced Maryland traffic and MVA lawyer and I’d be happy to help. I have offices in both Silver Spring, Maryland and Greenbelt, Maryland.