Driving Without A License in Maryland

What is the penalty for driving without a license in Maryland?

Prior to October 2006, Driving without a Maryland License was a fine only offense.  Therefore, if you were cited for this Maryland traffic ticket, you could just pay the fine and not appear in court.  After October 2006, the law changed.  As as of this writing, driving without a license is a Maryland traffic offense, which carries a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and its a “must appear.”  The charge carries more time for subsequent offenders.

What does it mean to drive without a license in Maryland?

Don’t get driving without a license confused with “failure to display a license.”  If you have the privilege to drive in Maryland and you simply leave your driver’s license at home, you should only be charged with “failure to display.”  The Maryland traffic violation of Driving Without a license means that you do not have the privilege to drive in Maryland.  It means that you are a Maryland resident and do not have a Maryland license or you are a resident of another State or country and do not have a license to drive.

What are some defenses to driving without a license?

Like any traffic offense in Maryland, the initial stop must be valid.  The police officer cannot stop you for any reason, but must have “reasonable articulable suspicion” that a traffic violation occurs.

The best way to defend the charge is to obtain a valid license (if eligible).  Most Maryland courts and judges just want you to get a license.  Many times, this will help to resolve the ticket.

Do I need a lawyer for a Maryland driving without a license charge?

Yes.  The charge carries jail time and I personally know that some judges in Maryland have a policy of placing people in jail for the offense if they have not hired an attorney and they have been pulled over before for the same offense.

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