Maryland Hit and Run, Part 2

What is leaving the scene of “unattended” property in Maryland?

In Maryland, if you leave the scene of the accident and the property was “unattended,” its a misdemeanor offense, which carries a up to a 60 day penalty (assuming  there was property damage).  Typically, a person gets charged with leaving the scene of an accident in Maryland if they hit a parked car or damage other property and another citizen witnesses the incident.  If no one witnesses the incident, the case cannot be proven (this does mean you shouldn’t report it).  Usually, the citizen will jot down the person’s license plate and call the police.  Many times, Maryland citizens don’t want to be involved in these issues, however, they often believe that the person may have been driving drunk and they often report what they saw.

How Can The Case be Proven?

To prove a hit and run case in Maryland, there must first be property damage.  If no property damage is involved, it is simply not a crime.  Next, a witness must identify you as the driver.  Many times, a witness will only get the license plate of the driver, but does not see what the driver looks like.  If the witness cannot identify you as the driver, the case cannot be proven because anyone could have  been driving your car.

Finally, you must have actuallly left the scene and fail to leave your contact and insurance information.  It is possible to just leave a note on the driver’s car with your name and insurance information.  However, it may be an even better practice to simply call the police and report the accident.  If you just leave the scene and drive home, you are not going to have much of a defense if damage was involved.

Do a Need A Maryland Traffic Lawyer?

Yes.  Not only does the leaving the scene of an accident Maryland carry jail time, its also carries significant points, which could raise your insurance premiums and suspend you license.  In addition, a Maryland traffic ticket attorney can help get the charge dropped.  On many occasions, I am able to get these charges dismissed or reduced.  Just because the witness shows up, does not mean you have to plead guilty.

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