Why You Should Never Pay A Moving Violation Ticket in Maryland

Before you pay a Maryland traffic ticket, read this….

If you pay a Maryland traffic ticket, you are automatically admitting guilt and the traffic conviction will go on you Maryland traffic record.  This will create even more of a problem if the ticket is a moving violation and carries points on your driving record.  Here’s  a quick guide to help you with the process.

1.  Determine if the charge is a moving violation and one that carries points.  If it does not, contact an experienced traffic attorney in Maryland and inquire advice as to whether or not it should just be paid.

2.  If  the charge carries points, check option No. 3 on the ticket WITHIN 30 DAYS (request a trial).  Failure do so within 30 days could result in a license suspension.  You will not automatically receive a trial date.

3.  Go to court and challenge the traffic ticket (if you lose, you are in no better position then if you just paid the ticket). 

Don’t have time to appear in court?  Call me at 301-563-9575 or 1-877-5662408 BEFORE you pay the ticket.  I’m an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Maryland and I’d be happy to appear for you and help keep your traffic record clean.