Driving on A Revoked License in Maryland: The Perfect Defense

In 2007,  the Court of Special Appeals, made an important distinction in Maryland traffic law. 

Here it is: If you do not have a Maryland license and you’ve never had a Maryland license, you cannot be convicted of driving while your Maryland license was revoked.

In other words, the State cannot revoke a privilege that doesn’t exist.

How Can Your Maryland license privileges be revoked if you don’t have the privilege?

Not having a valid Maryland license does not stop many, many people from driving.  When people drive, they accumulate Maryland traffic tickets and points on their driving record.  Yes, you will have a driving a record even if you don’t have a license once you are pulled over in Maryland.

Once you reach 12 points, your Maryland driving license will be revoked  BUT….you can’t be convicted of that.

The proper charge???  Driving without a license.  Most Maryland police officers don’t know this  (shhh…don’t them) and will often just charge a Defendant with driving on a revoked license instead of driving without a license.  If there are no other Maryland traffic tickets, the charge must be dismissed.

There you have, the perfect defense.

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