Why A Maryland Traffic Lawyer Can’t Guarantee That They Will “Beat” Your Ticket

Can A Maryland Lawyer Guarantee That He/She Will Beat My Ticket?

Many lawyers or legal directory companies often imply (or claim) that if you hire a lawyer for your Maryland traffic ticket, the lawyer will “beat” your ticket.  Potential clients will often ask me the same thing, namely “if I hire you, can you guarantee you can beat it?”  In a word, NO. 

In Maryland, a lawyer cannot and should not under any circumstances make a guarantee about results.  Personally, I would run the other way if a lawyer ever guaranteed me anything. Of course, these less than scrupulous attorneys tell people that because that’s what clients want to hear, it sounds great, and because they want the potential client to hire them.  If the case doesn’t end up going the client’s way, they will likely blame it on the judge or other circumstances.

It makes no sense that a Maryland traffic lawyer could guarantee a result.  How could they?  How could a lawyer predict if the police officer will show up, what the judge will decide, and who will testify to what?  The attorney would have to have a magic 8 ball that would predict with certainty the outcome of all cases.  If I had such a device, I would probably be a retired billionaire, not a Maryland traffic lawyer.  If you meet witha lawyer who keeps one in his/her office, this is probably not a good sign.

In any case, a Maryland traffic ticket lawyer can help you in many ways with your Maryland traffic ticket.  My approach has always been to speak to the officer prior to the trial and see if I can work something out.  I believe that if the case has to go to trial, you’ve already lost.  Therefore, if I can get the case dropped prior to trial, there is no risk of losing.

A Maryland traffic lawyer knows what the State has to prove, knows the law, and knows what to say to get the judge to keep your record clean.

Can I Maryland traffic ticket lawyer help you keep you record clean?  Absolutely.  However, any guarantee of an outcome is simply a lie.

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