You Shall Receive Your Maryland Traffic Citations

Once in a awhile, a client will come to my office with a Maryland traffic charge, but without the actual citations.  When asked about this, the client will state that the officer did not issue the citations and they he/she said that the traffic citations “will be mailed.”

Under Maryland law, the office is required and “shall” serve the Defendant with the actual citations.  A Maryland traffic Defendant has a right to be put on notice of the charge.  In addition, there are several defenses and arguments for dismissal that can be made based on the traffic citation alone.  The State is required to charge you and allege a Maryland traffic violation in a very specific way. 

Lastly, if you don’t have the actual citation, you won’t know what to do.  If the charge is not a “must appear,” you won’t get anything in the mail. In fact, in Maryland, if you do not request a trial or pay the ticket within 30 days, the Maryland MVA will suspend your driving privileges.  For all of these reasons, the Maryland traffic ticket itself is very important.

If you’ve been charged with a Maryland traffic offense and did not receive the citations, you may have a great defense.

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