Why Its So Hard To Beat A Maryland Speeding Ticket

Maryland speeding tickets are not easy to “beat.”  In fact, its often easier to beat a more serious Maryland traffic ticket.  For example, it is often easier to prevail on a Maryland DUI than a speeding ticket.  In a Maryland DUI case, the State has the same burden of proof, however, there are more issues involved and more things to potentially challenge.

In a Maryland case called Fitzwater v. State, the Court made it very easy for the police.  In a nutshell, in a Maryland speeding ticket trial, the police officer simply has to testify to the fact that he/she is a competent operator of the radar machine, that the machine was working properly that day, and that it was calibrated properly.  Of course, if the police officer “paced” you, its an entirely different situation.  The Fitzwater case is concerned with radar only, which seems to be the most prevalent form of enforcement used by the Maryland police.

In other words, the officer doesn’t have to show any records or prove that the calibration was sound.  An experienced officer knows exactly what to say in Maryland traffic court and almost all judges are going to accept his/her testimony.

Of course, there are ways to “beat” a Maryland speeding ticket and other things you can do.  Its best to leave that up to the professionals..

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