Maryland Traffic Lawyer-Aggressive Driving Attorney

Although an aggressive driving charge in Maryland is considered “non serious” because it does not carry jail time, it does carry five points on your Maryland driving record.  I have provided the statute below, which indicates that you have to be guilty of at least three of the listed offenses.  Here’s what it says….

§ 21-901.2. Aggressive driving.

A person is guilty of aggressive driving if the person commits three or more of the following offenses at the same time or during a single and continuous period of driving in violation of:

(1) § 21-202 of this title (Traffic lights with steady indication);

(2) § 21-303 of this title (Overtaking and passing vehicles);

(3) § 21-304 of this title (Passing on right);

(4) § 21-309 of this title (Driving on laned roadways);

(5) § 21-310 of this title (Following too closely);

(6) § 21-403 of this title (Failure to yield right-of-way); or

(7) § 21-801.1 of this title (Exceeding a maximum speed limit or posted maximum speed limit).

I have represented many, many people who have been charged with aggressive driving, however, it is not that common of a charge.  If you are driving erratically and committing all kinds of violations (or at least the officer thinks you are), the police officer is more likely to charge you with “reckless driving,” which is a six point violation in Maryland.

In either case, both charges are ones that should be challenged because they could significantly increase your insurance premiums and do some damage to your Maryland driving record.

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