Maryland CDL License Attorney-Lawyer For Truck Drivers in Maryland

If you have a Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”), your livelihood depends on your ability to drive.  Therefore, it is imperative that you get a Maryland truck driver attorney or Maryland traffic lawyer as soon as you get a ticket.

Let me give you a real life example of what happened to one of my clients.  Let’s call him “John.”

John was driving his truck somewhere in Maryland and decided NOT to stop for a railroad crossing.  He did this TWICE and received two Maryland traffic tickets.  The police officer told John that the tickets were just $70 fines (correct) that carried no points (wrong!).

As it turns out, John decided to pay the tickets and happily report to his job that everything  has been taken care of.  John was told that if he didn’t get those tickets removed from his record within 60 days, he would be fired.

According to this particular company, a railroad crossing violation is considered a “serious” Maryland traffic violation.  Two or more serious Maryland traffic violations within a two year period is grounds for dismissal.

John called me.  I filed a motion to get the cases back into court for trial and we successfully resolved them.

Here’s the point:  If you are a truck driver and receive a Maryland traffic ticket, consider at least consulting with a Maryland CDL or Maryland truck driver defense attorney.  It may save your job!

Are you a truck driver that needs help with a Maryland traffic ticket?  Are you a CDL driver who can’t afford another Maryland traffic violation?  Call me at 301-563-9575 for a free no hassle consultation BEFORE you go to court.  I’d be happy to help.  I’m an experienced Maryland traffic and CDL lawyer who has handled thousands of Maryland traffic tickets.