Why is My Maryland Driver’s License Suspended?

Reasons for Maryland License Suspension

Driving on a suspended license  is one of the most common traffic violations in Maryland, causing thousands of people each year to appear in courthouses across the state. Many first-time offenders are surprised to learn that a person can actually go to jail for driving while suspended, even if the suspension is for a relatively minor reason.

 The following is a description of some of the most common reasons why a person’s license might end up suspended:

Far and away the most common reason that a person in Maryland ends up with a suspended license is for failure to appear. When a person misses a court date for another, even minor, traffic offense, the MVA is notified and the person’s license is suspended. Related to this reason, a person’s license can also be suspended for failing to pay a fine assessed by a court or failing to appear in court for a ticket received in another state.

The second most common reason people have their Maryland licenses suspended is due to failure to pay child support. The Child Support Enforcement Administration (CSEA) makes the decision whether or not to suspend your driver’s license. The CSEA can authorize the MVA to suspend your driving privileges after you have failed to comply with your child support agreement for 60 days or longer.

Beyond these two reasons, accumulation of points on your driving record, conviction of an alcohol related offense and failure to pay a civil judgment related to an automobile accident are the next most common reasons that a person’s license can be suspended. These are seen as more serious infractions and can be punished more severely than the others.

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