Can A Maryland Traffic Offense Attorney Help Me If There’s A Mistake on My Ticket?

What Happens When a Maryland Officer Makes a Mistake on a Traffic Ticket?

Many people believe that if the officer makes any mistake at all when writing up a traffic ticket, they can get the ticket thrown out. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit different. If the officer makes a small, insignificant mistake, like writing down that you have hazel eyes and you actually have brown eyes, you will probably not have much luck arguing with the judge that the ticket should be dismissed on that basis alone.

However, there are circumstances where a mistake in writing up the ticket will help you. For instance, if you have a parking ticket that says your car was parked at 1st and Main and you were actually parked at 48th and Oak, you might have a case. Another good example would be if the ticket has a violation noted as occurring on a specific day, and you can prove you were elsewhere at that time. Small clerical errors will almost always be overlooked, but fundamental errors having to do with the offense itself are more significant and might give you a chance of winning your traffic ticket case.

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