Learn How A Baltimore, Maryland Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

At Law Offices of David R. Waranch, LLC we handle lots of traffic offenses in Baltimore, Maryland.  We regularly appear in Baltimore City district court, particularly in the Patapsco Avenue court house.

In my experience, police officers target this area because drivers are travelling in and out of the city near the tunnels.  They know that these drivers are in a rush to get somewhere.  Lots of people are travelling through this area on their way in and out of Baltimore City.  This is also a place where many out of state drivers are “passing through.”  As a result, I find that many of my clients charged in this area of Baltimore City are out of state drivers.

Law enforcement (particularly the Maryland Department of Transportation–Tunnel Command) are targeting this area because it is a hot spot for speeding.  However, as an experienced traffic attorney who practices in Baltimore City,  I generally see good results in this region and find most judges to be reasonable.

Need help with a traffic offense in Baltimore, Maryland?  Call me BEFORE you pay the ticket or go to court at 301-563-9575 or 1-877-566-2408.  I’m an experienced Maryland Baltimore City traffic offense lawyer who literally handled thousands of cases throughout the State of Maryland.