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Maryland Traffic Lawyer For Logbook Violations

The logbook – some truckers hate it but all truckers live by it. The federal government strictly regulates driving windows and even errors in rest periods can have serious consequences.

In a 14 hour driving window,  Maryland truck drivers have a maximum drive time of 11 hours.

Here’s an example of how the rule can be easily violated.  Starting at midnight on a recent job,  John wanted to make good time and drove in 3 stretches of 4 hours each taking on-duty and off-duty breaks in between.

During the last hour of driving, State Police pulled John over for speeding. The officer asked to see his logbook and tells John he was speeding when he shouldn’t be driving at all. Not only did John get a speeding ticket but the issuing officer also cited him for violating both the 11-hour and 14-hour rules. 12 hours of driving doesn’t seem like much to regular drivers but it means a lot to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Everyone makes mistakes. Some logbook errors come from crossing time zones. Some cellphones auto-correct their clocks with GPS technology to keep travelers on time. This can cause headaches for Maryland truck drivers. Logbook violations cost commercial drivers big time.  John faced fines, possible suspension of his CDL and reduced time/miles from his employer.

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