Learn More About Maryland CDL Endorsements

Maryland CDL Endorsements

Adding endorsements to a Maryland CDL can mean more money but they come with added responsibility for Maryland drivers and trucking companies alike. The FMCSA puts the onus on states for ensuring all CMV operators are properly trained and safety conscious.

The endorsements on a CDL specify what type of commercial motor vehicles a driver can operate. Maryland follows the federal example for endorsement coding:

T – double or triple trailers

S – specific to school buses

P – vehicles carrying over 16 passengers other than a school bus

N – tankers like those hauling liquids and liquefied gas in mounted or portable tanks over 1000 gallons

H – a placarded vehicle hauling hazardous material other than a tanker

X – a tanker designated for hauling hazardous material 

Knowledge testing is required for each endorsement. Passing the knowledge test for an S or P endorsement entitles you to a commercial learner’s permit for those vehicles. Only after a passing grade on a required skills test will you be fully licensed to drive a passenger vehicle.

Skill tests are not required for any other endorsement. Background checks through the TSA are a must for operating any hazardous material vehicle. Drivers under 21 cannot apply for either H or X endorsements.

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