How To Get A Maryland CDL License

Learn How To Obtain a Maryland CDL (“Commercial Driver’s License)

Trucking is a great way to see the country but getting a Maryland commercial driver’s license has strict requirements. Licenses are issued by the state but mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Aside from a clean driving record, it’s important to know you can only hold one license at a time. You need a standard class driver’s license to qualify for a CDL but once you get your CDL, that’s it. Your  Maryland CDL is your license whether hauling freight in a big rig or your kids in an SUV. Possessing a standard license from any other state disqualifies you from applying for a Maryland CDL.

CDLs come in three classes:

Class A – permitted for vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating over 10000 pounds and a Gross Commercial Weight Rating over 26001 pounds.

Class B – permitted for vehicles with a GVWR over 26001 pounds or towing a vehicle with a GVWR less than 10000 pounds.

Class C – permitted for vehicles transporting over 16 passengers, driver included, or hazardous materials.

While standard licenses are issued to any adult aged 18 or older, drivers under 21 can only apply for an intrastate CDL. They will be restricted to driving only within Maryland until turning 21. Sneaking in a side trip to Virginia can mean the loss of your Maryland CDL. Drivers under 21 are also prohibited from hauling hazardous materials.

A Maryland CDL will only be granted after passing both a written test and a skills test. The passing grade on the knowledge test is 80%. Proof of citizenship, age and residency are mandatory as is a medical exam. A medical waiver can be granted in some instances.

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