Learn How Maryland CDL Traffic Lawyer Can Help Commercial Drivers With Weight Violations

Maryland Commercial Drivers: Weight Limits and Violations

  Approximately 2 million tractor-trailers operate within the United States today. Overloading CMVs not only make traffic hazards but can cost nearly $1 billion dollars in road repairs per year.

 Maryland operates 13 Weight and Inspection Stations (TWIS) to enforce state and federal guidelines. Any vehicle in excess of 10000 pounds including rental trucks carrying personal property must stop to be weighed.

 Maximum allowable weight is calculated in the Maryland Motor Carrier Handbook by wheelbase. The distance between sets of a vehicle’s axles must be enough to bear its load without straining weight limits of roads or bridges.

  • A short 3-axle vehicle cannot exceed 55000 pounds.
  • A 4-axle combination vehicle cannot exceed 66000 pounds.
  • A 5-axle combo cannot exceed 80000 pounds.

When commercial drivers  in Maryland are racing the clock to make their delivery time, it’s tempting to dodge the scales. The restricted hours of some stations just add to the temptation. Maryland State Police may seize any vehicle failing to stop and its load for the purpose of weighing and inspection. Drivers also face fines upwards of $1000 for a first offense plus court costs.

Maryland recognizes loading errors happen and tolerates up to 1000 pounds over the allowable weight of a vehicle’s load except on interstate highways. Fines incur for every pound over this tolerance:

  • 1 cent per pound for the first 1000 excess pounds
  • 5 cents per pound between 1000 and 5000 excess pounds
  • 12 cents per pound between 5000 and 10000 excess pounds
  • 20 cents per pound between 10000 and 20000 excess pounds
  • 40 cents per pound for excesses over 20000 pounds

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