Learn How a Gaithersburg, Maryland Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

Gaithersburg, Maryland Traffic Lawyer

 The law offices of David R. Waranch, LLC handles DUI cases and all traffic cases that occurred in Gaithersburg, Maryland. A former attorney for the Office of the Public Defender in Baltimore City and Prince George’s county, Mr. Waranch is an experienced and enthusiastic defense attorney committed to providing the best possible result in your case.

 Gaithersburg, Maryland DUI Lawyer

Mr. Waranch knows how seriously a Gaithersburg DUI charge can be because he’s handled thousands of them.  If you are an underage driver charged with a DUI, David R. Waranch LLC can help. If you have received multiple DUIs, call today. If you are a Commercial Vehicle Operator/CDL holder charged with a Maryland DUI, David R. Waranch LLC is ready to represent you.

If you have been charged with any Maryland traffic violation in Gaithersburg, Maryland call 877.566.2408 or 301.563.9575 or fill out the contact form for a no cost, no obligation consultation.