Learn How A Germantown, Maryland Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

Germantown, Maryland Traffic Lawyer

The law offices of David R. Waranch LLC represents individuals charged with DUI/DWI and traffic violations, which occurred in Germantown, Maryland.

Germantown traffic tickets can be challenging as judges in Montgomery County, Maryland  are strict and reluctant to keep traffic records clean (even for first time offenders).

 Mr. Waranch is very familiar with the judges in Montgomery County, Maryland and has represented Maryland residents in nearly every traffic violation, including speeding tickets, hit-and-run tickets violations, driving without insurance, and driving on a suspended or revoked license.  If you have been charged in Germantown, Maryland with a traffic violation, call David R. Waranch at 301-563-9575 or 1-877-566-2408 for a free consultation.  David is always happy to help you any way, even if you do not plan on hiring counsel.