Learn How A Maryland Traffic Lawyer Can Help With “Laser” Tickets

What Questions Should You Ask If You Receive A Laser/LIDAR Speeding Ticket In Maryland?

Though laser speed guns are expensive high-tech devices, that does not mean they always work perfectly. The effectiveness of such laser guns depends on a variety of factors, each of which could throw off the reliability of the device and each of which could be critical to contesting a Maryland traffic ticket. Things as seemingly inconsequential as the amount of chrome on the car, whether there’s a license plate on the front of the vehicle, the surface area of the headlights and even the color of the car can impact the reliability of the laser measurements.

Given the issues seen with such laser speed guns, officers in Maryland are required to calibrate their laser guns on a regular basis. In fact, normal police procedures state that such laser guns be calibrated before each and every working shift.  In addition, Maryland police officers are required to keep a record of these calibrations and follow the standard operating procedure of the machine that they are operating.  The officer must also be a certified laser operator.

It’s important that if you intend to challenge a Maryland traffic ticket that the officer be asked whether he or she ever performed such a calibration the day that you received your ticket. The position of the laser gun also matters, as the laser speed guns do not work well when aimed at the sun or other bright light. Additionally, the officer’s hand stability could impact the accuracy of the reading and should be investigated.

These are just a few of the issues that can be raised to create doubt about the accuracy of the reading and the equipment used by the officer.

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