Maryland CDL Lawyer Explains Hazardous Material Endorsement

Applying for a Hazardous Materials Background Check

 Those Maryland commercial motor vehicle drivers looking to specialize, and perhaps earn slightly more money in the process, can apply to get a hazardous materials endorsement which will allow you to transport dangerous and potentially toxic items, a privilege not extended to those who have ordinary commercial driver’s licenses.

Once you receive your CDL, you can then apply for a background check from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). They will ask for your CDL number, proof of legal status and proof of identity. You’ll then have to go get fingerprinted so that the TSA and the FBI can conduct a background check. You’ll need to pay fees approaching $100 for this step of the process.

It’s important to understand that the TSA is incredibly careful about who it issues HAZMAT endorsements to. As a result, a conviction of any of the following crimes will disqualify you from being eligible for a HAZMAT endorsement:

▪      Terrorism

▪      Murder

▪      Assault with intent to murder

▪      Rape
or aggravated sexual abuse

▪      Robbery

▪      Arson

▪      Unlawful possession of a weapon

▪      Distribution of a controlled substance

▪      Immigration violations

▪      Identity theft

Once the TSA has finished its background check you will receive notification by mail. If you’ve been approved, you can then go to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to finish the process of receiving your endorsement. This will require passing the Maryland HAZMAT Background Record Check (BRC) and passing the hazardous material knowledge test. Such HAZMAT endorsements must be renewed at least every five years.

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