Excellent Attorney at a great price. I would recommend him to anyone. He kept everyone involved well informed and was always professional! He made us feel comfortable and at ease.

Adam Z.

David is an absolutely great guy, and an even better attorney! I was incredibly stressed about my recent legal issues, but David was confident that things would be okay. He is not only knowledgeable about his craft, but he sincerely cares about the well being of his clients.

Criminal Defense Client

I was involved in an accident and hired David to handle the case. He kept me posted every step of the way, always looked out for my best interest and fought for a great settlement!

Sharon H

I was charged with assault and was very concerned about the outcome, even though I was one who was assaulted. Mr. Waranch gave me great advice on the initial consultation, made me feel much more at ease, and eventually got all of the charges dropped. He is very professional, attentive, has a great sense of humor and makes you feel at ease. I met with other attorneys who basically just scared me about the potential consequences.

Jeffrey R

David Waranch has represented me in 2 cases this year. He has also represented my husband. I found his services to be better than I ever expected from any attorney. (My observations of and experiences with other lawyers had led me to expect less than a client truly deserves.) Mr. Waranch was responsive to our needs, questions, and worries. He obvioulsy understood that involvement in any court case is stressful for his clients. He was extremely honest while being quite positive. His prices are reasonable and he was sensitive to our financial situation. He is very knowledgeable of the law and of the other members of the Courts. I found that Mr. Waranch went above and beyond the call of duty, informing us of all the factors involved in the cases and advising us on little details that were seemingly unrelated. He tied all the loose ends of these cases, leaving nothing for us to worry about or handle on our own. He was there for us every step of the way, vividly explaining everything that was going on and what course of action he would take. I like Mr. Waranch very much: he is friendly and easygoing. He was also genuinely concerned and interested in our lives beyond the scope of the courtroom. Very supportive. My husband’s and my positive experiences with him have improved my feelings toward lawyers and the criminal justice system in general. I strongly– vehemently– recommend David Waranch to anyone who needs a lawyer for ciminal defense and would certainly call him if I ever needed to make a civil claim.

Fran M

I am from out of state and was referred to Mr. Waranch through an attorney friend of mine. From the very first time I talked to David, I felt very assured that I was in good hands. His easy going, always positive manner has been very reassuring throughout the process. He consistently returned phone calls and e mails, and never left me feeling unsure of my concerns. His genuine care and concern for his client is remarkable. I highly recommend Mr. Waranch for any legal needs.

Tom R