4 Reasons To File A Lawsuit In Your Maryland Accident Case

Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do. In your Maryland car accident case, if the insurance company is playing games and not willing to give you a fair settlement, consider filing a lawsuit. Here’s why:

1. A Lawsuit Sends A Message That You Are Serious: Insurance companies know that it takes time and effort to file a lawsuit. If you file one, this will send a message that you will not settle your case for less than what its worth.

2. The Insurance Company Will Look At the Case More Closely: Once a lawsuit is filed, the case will be given more scrutiny. The insurance company might realize that they would be foolish not to settle the claim.

3. If The Case Goes to Trial, You May Get More Money: If you have a good case, a judge or jury may award you far more damages than you would have gotten had you settled. It may be in your best interest to NOT settle the case.

4. In Some Cases, Its a Waste of Your Time To Try to Settle: In some circumstances, its a complete waste of your time to try to negotiate prior to filing a lawsuit. There are some insurance companies and adjusters who will make such an unreasonably low offer, its no use attempting to deal with them. Instead, file a lawsuit. In most cases, if you have a good case, the offer will go up substantially.

If your lawyer is not willing to file a lawsuit on your behalf, you may want to consider hiring a different lawyer. Your lawyer should be acting in your best interest. If filing a lawsuit is in your best interest, that’s what should happen. Too often, injury lawyers are looking for a quick settlement. Don’t get me wrong, its OK to settle a case, but only if that settlement is fair and reasonable.

Need an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney for your accident case, give me a call BEFORE you speak to the insurance adjusters or sign any papers. I’m here for you.