Failed to Appear in Maryland?? Here’s Why You Should Contact a Lawyer.

Let’s face it, stuff (or you know what) happens! If you’ve missed a Maryland court date and you were charged with a “serious” motor vehicle charge or criminal matter, a bench warrant will be issued by the judge. A bench warrant is a fancy way of saying that the judge issued a warrant for your arrest because you didn’t show up. Perhaps you overlooked the date, overslept, had to go the hospital, etc…I have had countless clients who are very responsible people who just messed up and missed the date! Once the Maryland bench warrant is issued, it shows up in all 50 states. The Sheriff’s Department will notify you in writing of the warrant. If you are pulled over, the officer will serve the warrant and arrest you. In some cases, the sheriff will actually come to your house and serve the warrant. Sounds terrible, right? Don’t panic, it can be fixed!

If you have a decent excuse, an ATTORNEY can file a motion to recall the warrant and try to persuade the judge to quash it. Notice that I capitalized the word “attorney.” If you file the motion yourself, it is far less likely that it will be granted. You probably don’t know the proper things to say to persuade the judge. I also believe (and have seen) that by representing yourself you are sending a message that the matter is not serious. Many judges take this position. Whether you agree with that or not, you will be perceived differently if you are represented by an attorney. Its just the truth.

I am a Maryland criminal defense and traffic defense lawyer. I have handled thousands of cases and can help you if you have failed to appear in Maryland and may have a Maryland bench warrant.