What You Should Know About Maryland Auto Insurance

As a Maryland accident attorney, clients often ask me about auto insurance coverage, especially if they’ve been involved in an accident and were injured. Having the right coverage is essential. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the right coverage for you.

Minimum Coverage Requirements
In Maryland, you must have personal injury coverage of at least $30,000.00 per person and $60,000 for two or more people. You must also have minimum property damage coverage of $15000. The bodily injury liability covers court costs if your case goes to trial or is settled out-of-court.

Don’t waive PIP
Personal Insurance Protection is additional insurance that provides “double coverage” for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. It covers passengers as well as the insured driver and coverage ranges as high as $10000. There should be few reasons why any driver would waive PIP. If you have questions about PIP, call me!

Get quotes from several insurance providers
Shop around. Choose the best provider that fits your situation. Some specialize in specific types of coverage. For the amount you’ll be paying in premiums per month, you want the best coverage for your money.

MAIF (Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund)
MAIF – Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund is an agency that runs independently of the State of Maryland. Created in 1972, MAIF exists for drivers unable to become insured by private insurers within Maryland. It is run by a board of trustees and offers auto insurance to Maryland residents who have had coverage cancelled or been rejected for coverage. Uninsured drivers involved in an accident could face a fine and loss of license – a high price to pay for not taking advantage of this fund.

Get Proof of insurance (FR-19)
If asked for proof of insurance, the MVA will only accept the Maryland Insurance Certification (FR-19) as verification. MVA will require proof of insurance if your coverage is cancelled and you become insured with a new company or you have accumulated at least three driving points. Your new insurance company may not provide the FR-19 and it will then be up to you to furnish the MVA with a copy.

Involved in a Maryland car accident and need help dealing with the insurance company? Call me for a no-cost, no obligation consultation. I’m a Maryland accident attorney who is here to help. You may not even need me, but call me BEFORE you sign any paperwork or talk to the adjuster. I have offices in both Silver Spring, Maryland and Greenbelt, Maryland, but I practice throughout the entire State