Maryland PIP Insurance, Part 2

As many of you might already know, PIP (short for personal injury protection) is no fault is car insurance covering medical bills, lost wages and other expenses incurred in a Maryland auto collision. Regardless of fault or cause of collision, Maryland PIP allows claims for the insured vehicle’s owner, passengers, family members dwelling with the insured, and even pedestrians injured in the accident.

How much will I get?

The amount covered by your PIP insurance differs by policy. They come in three tiers: $2500, $5000 and $10000.

My medical insurance paid my bill. Do I still have a claim?

Yes. In fact, Maryland PIP will cover injuries suffered by passengers in the insured vehicle, which health insurance doesn’t.

My employer paid my lost wages. Do I still have a claim?

Absolutely. Keep in mind that Maryland PIP pays only 85% of lost wages but employer pay-out has no bearing on this. Double-coverage is the perk of the PIP.

My case is going to trial. Do I have to report any of this to make my claim against the other driver?

No. Under the Collateral Source Rule all other compensation received as a result of personal injury claims cannot reflect on a jury’s decision to award further compensation. It cannot be entered as evidence. Even if your personal injury case proceeds without trial, the defendant should never see hide-nor-hair of compensation received through PIP or any other personal insurance.

The purpose of your claim against the other driver is to determine liability. You’ve paid for coverage through your premiums. This has no bearing on what you are additionally and rightfully owed from an at-fault driver. PIP is there for your Personal Injury Protection.

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