What is a Contingency Fee?

Maryland Contingency Fee–What Is It?

The majority (if not all) Maryland injury lawyers take personal injury cases on “contingency.” Have you seen all those ads that say “NO FEE UNLESS WE RECOVER?” Simply put, the lawyer doesn’t get paid unless you do. This model makes a lot of sense because it motivates the attorney to maximize your damages and obtain the highest possible recovery.

How Much is a Typical Fee For My Maryland Accident Case?

Typically, a Maryland personal injury lawyer will take 1/3 of the recovery awarded if the case is settled. If the case goes to trial, the typical fee is 40%. This may sound like a large portion of the claim, however, the attorney is likely skilled at maximizing damages and in most cases you’ll get more had you handled the case yourself. In addition, trials often require significant time, expense, and risk for the attorney. Therefore, the fee is higher in these situations. Most of the time, a trial will yield a greater amount of damages than a settlement. Your Maryland injury lawyer will be able to determine whether to take your accident case to trial or to settle it.

All Maryland attorneys have an ethical obligation to charge a reasonable fee. A fee that is more than 1/3 (for settlement purposes) may cross the line. Make sure you know what your retainer agreement says and
don’t feel pressured to sign it if you’re not comfortable.

Not sure if a lawyer should get involved? Consult with an experienced and reputable Maryland accident attorney to find out. For more information, check out my video on the topic.

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