I Was In An Accident, Should I Speak To The Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

Should I Speak To The Insurance Adjuster?

The simple answer: no. I recommend that to everyone to consult with a Maryland personal injury lawer BEFORE you sign any forms, speak to the adjuster, etc..The adjuster works for the other driver’s insurance carrier. He or she is trying to protect the bottom line of their company. Whatever you say will be used in an attempt to deny or limit your Maryland personal injury claim.

Doesn’t the insurance adjuster want to help settle my claim?

Yes, for the benefit of his or her company. The adjuster WANTS TO GET RID OF YOU QUICKLY AND CHEAPLY. All the adjuster wants is to settle your Maryland injury case as soon as possible for as little as possible. Once you sign a “Release and Waiver” form with the insurance company, they’re done. You will be prevented from making future claims for your injury. Don’t let them off the hook until you are done with them.

Aren’t I supposed to speak to the insurance adjuster when he calls?

No. Legally you don’t have to speak to any insurance company, even your own, without an attorney. Any statement to an insurance adjuster can complicate your Maryland personal injury case. It’s not the adjuster’s job to provide counsel. That’s an attorney’s job. Contact an attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Tell the adjuster to speak with your lawyer.

What if I have a small claims case?

If your injury is minor and you plan to handle it yourself, still consult with a Maryland accident lawyer just to make sure you’re receiving a fair settlement.

Injured in an accident and need help? Contact me for a no-cost, no obligation consultation BEFORE you speak to the insurance adjuster or sign any forms. I can be reached at 301-563-9575 or 1-877-566-2408. I handle all types of Maryland injury claims and have offices in both Silver Spring, Maryland, and Greenbelt, Maryland.