Maryland DUI Attorney Explains Drunk Driving Checkpoints

Are Drunk Driving Checkpoints Legal In Maryland? Sobriety checkpoints, also known as drunk driving checkpoints, are a common method employed by law enforcement officials to nab intoxicated drivers. In some states, the checkpoints are illegal, while other states allow police officers to use them freely. What does Maryland law say about the issue? Keep reading […]

Learn How A Prince George’s County DUI Lawyer Can Help You

Breathalyzer Tests And Acid Reflux It’s something that would likely surprise many Maryland drivers, but heartburn or severe acid reflux conditions can occasionally lead to inaccurate breathalyzer test results, falsely indicating that someone is impaired when they truly are not. How does acid reflux work? Millions of people across the country suffer from serious heartburn […]

Maryland DUI Lawyer Explains “Drunk Driving with Minors”

Drunk Driving With Minors Though drunk driving laws in Maryland are already harsh, things can become magnitudes worse for those who are found to be driving under the influence with minor children in the vehicle. Maryland law says that existing penalties for drunk driving will be enhanced in cases where an intoxicated driver is found […]

Driving Under The Influence of Drugs in Maryland

Drugged Driving In Maryland Though most people understand that it is illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, many may not realize that it is similarly illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs or any other intoxicating substance. In Maryland, the law says that any substance that could potentially impact […]

How Can A Silver Spring, Maryland DUI Attorney Help You?

Can I Be Charged With DUI In Maryland Without A Blood Alcohol Test?  Surprisingly, the short answer is yes, given that other evidence such as testimony from the arresting officer can be used to convict a person of driving under the influence. In Maryland, there is no legal requirement to have a blood alcohol test […]

Maryland DUI and Traffic Lawyer Explains “Legal Limit” For Commercial Drivers

Legal Limit For Maryland Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers Though Maryland drunk driving regulations are already seen as harsh on normal drivers, commercial motor vehicle drivers face even more extreme punishments if they are found to be driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. One of the biggest differences between ordinary drivers and commercial […]

What To Do If You Missed A Maryland MVA Hearing

If you request a Maryland MVA hearing, you are required to appear.  A lawyer can be helpful to your case, but cannot appear on your behalf.  Unfortunately, if you miss the hearing, the MVA will simply enroll the suspension, revocation, or any other action that they are seeking to take.  Don’t panic, you may be […]

Maryland’s New Criminally Negligent Traffic Law

What is Maryland new criminally negligent traffic law? On October 1, 2011, the legislature created the new crime of criminally negligent manslaughter. The crime is a misdemeanor, which carries a maxium penalty of 3 years.  The law  requires that the defendant’s criminally negligent driving caused the death of another. Criminally negligent driving requires more than simple negligence but less […]

What You Should Know About The New Maryland Cell Phone Law

In case you haven’t heard, Maryland has changed the rules for cell phone use.  Here’s what you need to know: 1.  The law is now a primary offense.  This means that you can be pulled over just for texting while driving.  Prior to October 1, 2011, the law was a secondary offense, which means the police […]

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Maryland MVA Hearing?

Whether you received a Maryland DUI or a facing a  Maryland license suspension, you will likely want to elect for an MVA hearing.  A common question I always get is “Can’t I just do the hearing myself?”  Sure, you can attend your MVA hearing without a Maryland attorney and everything may work out fine.  Here […]