Benefits of Hiring a Maryland Traffic Lawyer For Your Case

Why Hire A Maryland Traffic Attorney? If you’ve never hired a traffic lawyer, you may not know the benefits of having legal counsel.  In fact, many people are unsure of what a Maryland traffic lawyer actually does or what they can do for your case. Benefits of Hiring A Maryland Traffic Lawyer Here’s a short […]

How Much Do Maryland Lawyers Charge For Speeding Tickets?

If you’ve never had to use an attorney, you probably have no idea what to expect when it comes to legal fees.  In Maryland, your legal fee depends on a number of specific factors. Some factors that Maryland attorneys consider when setting fees include: type of case, complexity of case, location of the case, and […]

Will I Go To Jail For Driving Drunk In Maryland?

Will I Go To Jail For Driving Drunk In Maryland? When someone is pulled over in Maryland one of their immediate questions, understandably, is whether or not they face the jail time. Many people worry about being sent to jail as a result of driving drunk and want to know what the chances are of […]

Maryland DWI Lawyer Explains Refusal of Breath Tests in Maryland

Implied Consent Law In Maryland Implied consent can be a difficult concept for a lot of Maryland drivers to wrap their brains around. The law, which exists in some form in most states, says that if you have signed up for a Maryland driver’s license you have automatically given police permission to test your blood […]

Maryland DUI Defense Attorney Explains The Ignition Interlock Program

Ignition Interlock Program In Maryland Maryland’s ignition interlock program has undergone changes in recent years that will result in thousands more people being required to participate in the system. What is an ignition interlock device? An ignition interlock device is a mechanism, like a breathalyzer, that is installed on a car’s dashboard. Before the vehicle […]

Maryland DUI Attorney Explains Blood Alcohol Concentration

How Many Drinks Can Make A Person Drunk? If you’ve been out drinking and are faced with the decision to drive home many people are curious to understand exactly how much drinking can lead to legal intoxication. To begin, BAC can be measured within just 15 minutes of a person consuming their first drink. Conventional […]